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Grass-fed beef is healthier for you, the farmer, and the planet. This inventory consists of 10 producers and highlights 3 of their stories in-depth (see the sidebar to the left).

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For the purposes of this inventory, 100% grass-fed means that the producers manage their pasture for grasses and the animals are fed and finished on grass, they are not fed grain or starch as part of their diet

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A. Broad Horn Farm
Brian and Julie Donaghy
20070 20th Ave. - Truro, Iowa

Broad Horn Farm is a family owned business focusing on sustainable agriculture and back-to-nature animal husbandry. They graze Belted Galloway cattle on pasture that is managed utilizing organic principles. 

Meat is available in a variety of cuts. Contact Brian or Julie: 641-765-7040 or www.broadhornfarm.com.

B. Ebersole Cattle Co. CSA
Shanen Ebersole
1935 280th Avenue - Kellerton, Iowa

The Ebersole Cattle Co. is a meat CSA (community supported agriculture). It is a small family farm raising beef cattle, horses, chickens and kids. They produce both natural pastured beef and 100% grass-fed beef with a focus on humanely raised animals.

A full share of the CSA is half an animal, a half share is a quarter of an animal. Contact Shanen: 515-971-8462 orebersolecattleco@yahoo.com.

C. Heartland Fresh Family Farm
Mark and Leslie Huslebus
2699 Highway 27 - Donnellson, Iowa

Heartland Fresh Family Farm is located in southern Iowa. They raise 100% grass-fed, as well as some pasture raised, but grain finished beef. All the animals are anti-biotic free, raised humanely and treated with respect.  They take a sustainable approach to land management and work to mimic Nature’s diversity and create healthy soil, and safe and healthy food.

Meat is available in a variety of cuts and will be delivered to you, contact Mark: 319-838-2047 or http://heartlandfreshfamilyfarm.com/

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D. Lipes Family Farm
Greg and Katie Lipes
1342 Plato Road - West Branch, Iowa

Lipes Family Farm is a small, diversified family farm with a strong focus on humane animal husbandry and sustainable farming practices. They specialize in the highest quality pastured meats and eggs. This will be their fifth season raising grassfed meat.  Their 100% grassfed to finish beef herd is made up of red and black angus cattle.  They also raise pastured Berkshire pork, pastured heritage (Narragansett) turkey, pastured chicken, and pastured eggs.  The meat is processed in Riverside, Iowa.
Meat is available in a variety of cuts through buying clubs within a 4 hr. drive of the farm.  Contact Greg at (319) 643-3211 or lipesfamilyfarm@gmail.com.
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E. Prairie Ridge Farms
Daniel Maibach
13854 315th Street - Bloomfield, Iowa

Prairie Ridge Farms believes that  high quality forages result in superior quality food. The farm is located in southern Iowa, and they  have a certified organic dairy farm and direct market grassfed beef, lamb, and pastured pork. All the animals are 100% grass-fed with the exception of the hogs, which are fed small grains and milk and have access to fresh grass.
Meat is available by the whole, half, or quarter animal. Contact Daniel: 641-208-5305 or damaibach@gmail.com

E. Rapid Creek Ranch
Doug Darrow and Justin Wade
Oxford, Iowa

Rapid Creek Ranch is 160 acre farm dedicated to bringing sustainable and humanely raised beef and chicken directly to your table. They are committed to “healthy soil, healthy livestock, healthy people.” Their management practices include “mob grazing.” Mob grazing incorporates very number of cattle per acre (stocking rate) with planned, daily moves to fresh pasture, followed by periods of pasture rest of 60 days or more. The benefits of mob grazing are numerous, including increases in soil organic matter, soil microbial life, plant species, wildlife and the pounds that can be produced per acre. Mob grazing also decreases weed pressure, water run off, and ultimately the cost of production.

Meat is available in a variety of cuts, contact Doug and Justin:
Doug:  (319)330-1368
Justin: (319)541-7338


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E. Yoder’s Natural Farm
Robert Yoder
19222 Jade Avenue - Bloomfield, Iowa

Yoder’s Natural Farm is an Amish family farm managed with the philosophy that “nature knows best.” They raise angus cattle, pigs, and chickens and have been doing so since 2009. They use no sprays or chemicals anywhere on the farm and focus their farm management on mimicking nature and building soil fertility. The meat is processed in Macon, MO or Farmington, IA.

Meat is available in a variety of cuts, contact Robert: 641-664-2060

F. Virgil Knobloch
13222 262nd Street - Bloomfield, Iowa

Virgil Knobloch comes from a family of cattle farmers and has been raising grass-fed cattle for more than a decade. His product is grass-fed, certified organic, and has been developed to balance tasty fattiness and healthy lean meatiness. He and his two sons manage a herd of Devon cattle in Bloomfield, Iowa and they process the animals in Moulton, Iowa.

Meat is available by the whole, half, or quarter animal.
Contact Virgil: 641-929-3978

G. Jay Franzen
11040 70th Ave - Indianola, Iowa

Jay Franzen and his family have been raising cattle for more than 15 years. Jay manages their family farm which also includes Oxford sheep, Percheron horses, show dogs and chickens, while his wife manages her own veterinary practice. They manage the land and animals with a focus on creating health and happiness. Their beef comes from highland cattle, which gather in a “fold” not a “herd” just outside of Indianola, Iowa. The meat is inspected and processed at the Redfield locker, west of Des Moines.

Meat is available by the whole, half, or quarter animal and may be delivered to you. Contact Jay: 515-314-4102 or jay@iowadrafthorse.com.

The compilation of this inventory was paid for by a Conservation Innovation Grant (CIG) from the National Resource Conservation Service (NRCS). The purpose of the grant is to support the expansion of markets for grass-fed beef with a specific focus on Southeastern Iowa. However, throughout the course of research additional producers were identified, or reached out the grant administrators, and have been included in this inventory.