Can Grass-fed Beef be Produced at Scale?

This is a contentious topic, as some claim it to be the biggest limitation of grass-fed beef. Just how much can be produced?

There have recently been ads in major agricultural media that tout to bust the “myths” of grass-fed beef. These ads from large companies such as Elanco and Certified Angus Beef claim that:

  1. There is no nutritional difference in grass-fed versus grain-fed beef,
  2. The greenhouse gas production is greater for grass-fed beef
  3. The market will inevitably remain a small niche in U.S. beef production because there are not enough acres to produce grass-fed at scale.

Allen Williams, PhD, has made it his mission to systematically, scientifically challenge these erroneous claims. Last year, he wrote a stellar article debunking that last one about producing beef to scale.

Read how he mathematically calculates every detail necessary to answer the question: Can grass-fed beef be produced at scale? Spoiler alert! He thinks it can!

“Think of the possibilities. Think of the impact millions of acres of additional grass-based agriculture would have on the rural economy and the small towns all over the U.S. The acreage is available. We just have to use it wisely.”   - Allen Williams