7 Films about Soil, Food, and Farming

As a follow up to last week's book recommendations, here are some food movie recommendations for those visually inclined....

1)Soil Carbon Cowboys, from Arizona State University and the World Bank, a great short documentary that shows a variety of graziers - some unlikely - in action, only 12 minutes and definitely worth watching multiple times

2) Soil: Our Climate Ally Underfoot, from the Center for Food Safety - at only about 2 minutes, this short film gives a great overview of soil health - what it is, why it's important, and what effects it

3) Soil Matters on the Farm, rancher Gabe Brown talks about soil health on his no-till farm

4) A Farmer in Africa: Limiting Property Rights, although this short film is set in Africa the discussion about property rights and conservation is applicable in many geographic locations

5) Soil Solutions to Climate Challenges, another one from the Center for Food Safety, narrated by Michael Pollan - it's only about 4 minutes and packs an easy to understand science lesson about carbon and carbon cycling with great imagery

6) Food Inc., one of the first documentaries that opened the conversation about food production in the U.S. it features Joel Salatin

7) The Garden, a little different than the other films on this list, this award winning feature length documentary tells the story of a threatened urban community garden in Los Angeles, California


Want more??

Check out the Union of Concerned Scientists "9 Fine Food Films" recommendations and Food Tank's 26 Films for Food Activists