Tips for Cooking the Best Grass-fed Steaks

Greg and Katie Lipes produce grass-fed meat on their “Lipes Family Farm” in West Branch, Iowa were they live with their three young daughters, a flock of chickens, a few turkeys, a herd of grazing Red Angus cattle, and a team of pastured pigs.

If you are new to preparing grass-fed meat, you’ll be particularly interested in Greg’s tips for making the “best grass-fed steak.”

“First, you need to let go of everything you ever learned about how to cook a steak,” says Greg, “I was always taught to use a hot grill, only flip the steak once, and season the steak when it’s raw. It turns out, when I break every single one of these rules, I have the most success.”

Greg’s recommendations for the best grass-fed steak

Heat your skillet over medium heat with a little bit of fat. Katie likes to use lard. I like to use bacon fat. You can use whatever, but make sure that whatever you pick will stand up to medium heat. And don’t put too much in the pan – just enough to coat the bottom. Too much fat in the pan changes the mouth feel of the steak, in my opinion.

Once the pan is up to temperature, put the meat on. It should sizzle. If it doesn’t sizzle, you didn’t let the pan heat up enough.

  1. After one minute, flip the steak. Yes just one minute. No, it doesn’t matter how thick the steak is. The cooked side is now up. Season the cooked side with coarse (kosher) salt and fresh ground pepper.
  2. After another minute, flip the steak again. Season this newly cooked side with salt and pepper.
  3. After another minute, flip the steak again and season the top again.
  4. Repeat this flipping and seasoning every minute until you reach the desired temperature (Ideally, for a 100% grassfed to finish steak, it should be prepared rare or medium rare.). Then take your steak off, let it rest for 5-10 minutes, and eat!

More About Lipes Family Farm

In 2010, after two years of taking farmer-training courses and internships, Greg and Katie Lipes started Lipes Family Farm in Brooklyn, Wisconsin.  For the first few years, Greg kept is off-farm job while Katie took care of the farm and family. In 2013, they took the leap and started farming full-time – taking their farm and young family to West Branch, Iowa. They sell their farm products, including grass-fed beef, through buying-clubs in Eastern Iowa.

Their approach to farming focuses on healing the land and producing humanely raised, high quality food products. To this end, they emphasize soil health and soil erosion mitigation strategies especially where gullies are forming from run-off onto their farm from neighboring land. They also re-purpose and re-use a lot of construction waste material to make the chicken, turkey, and pig shelters.