Know the Farmer: Lipes Family Farm

The Lipes Family Farm is located in West Branch, Iowa. Greg and Katie Lipes operate the farm, with some help from their three young daughters. They raise 100% grassfed to finish red and black angus cattle, pastured Berkshire pork, pastured heritage turkey, and pastured chicken and eggs. 

Their approach to farming focuses on healing the land and producing humanely raised, high quality food products. To this end, they emphasize soil health and soil erosion mitigation strategies especially where gullies are forming from run-off onto their farm from neighboring land. They also re-purpose and re-use a lot of construction waste material to make the chicken, turkey, and pig shelters.

Farm History

In 2010, after two years of taking farmer-training courses and internships, Greg and Katie Lipes started Lipes Family Farm in Brooklyn, Wisconsin.  For the first few years, Greg kept is off-farm job while Katie took care of the farm and family. In 2013, they took the leap and started farming full-time – taking their farm and young family to West Branch, Iowa. They sell their farm products, including grass-fed beef, through buying-clubs in Eastern Iowa.

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