Allan Savory and Management Intensive Grazing

Management Intensive Grazing - also known as cell grazing, mob grazing, and holistic managed planned grazing - describes systems of grazing in which cattle are systematically moved to fresh, rested, areas in order to maximize the quality and quantity of forage growth.

Allan Savory and the Savory Institute are huge proponents of this style of land management, aiming to slow down the desertification of grassland eco-systems.  According to Savory, two-thirds of the world's grasslands are turning to dessert, which is accelerating climate change. Through his research he has found that utilizing intensive management, cattle can protect and, in some cases, restore degrading grassland. He eloquently and persuasively makes his case on this Ted Talk:

While Allan Savory has influenced many people's land management techniques and strategies, he has also drawn critics. One critic notes that deserts are themselves vast ecosystems that have their own methods for carbon fixing and are often misunderstood and damaged by cattle. Another critic argues that there has not been enough scientific inquiry into Savory's "Holistic Management" to verify his claims, and in fact,  several studies show that land needs rest in order to rejuvenate, not cattle hooves. 

There's no easy answer or quick fix for challenges such as climate change and soil degradation - nevermind the challenges associated with human health and healthy diets! The debate between what is best for people and the planet continues...what do you think about it?