Post Turkey Day: Grass-fed Beef Recipes

As you sit down to eat your Thanksgiving meal today, and say a few words of thanks for your food and where it came from you probably are anticipating all the delicious flavors that are about to bombard your mouth and the feeling of a full stomach that will last for hours. You are not anticipating the feeling of eating too many mashed potatoes or too much Turkey.

However, that moment will come when you are ready for food other than the delicious traditional thanksgiving dishes. Enter, the grass-fed beef.....

Cooking grass-fed beef is similar to cooking other times of beef. However, since it is lower in fat content, adding some olive or other light oil will help prevent the meat from drying out and from sticking to the cooking surface. Check out the American Grassfed Association for more tips on cooking grassfed beef.

And since I've already established that there will be a time when you no longer want pumpkin pie or turkey,  take a look at these delicious recipe options for beef:

From the simple, herbs and beef with a side of green bean salad found on, to the best grass-fed beef burger from to the ready-when-you-are crock-pot roast  from the Whisnant Family in Missouri - you can do it all with grass-fed beef!